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The cryptocurrency frenzy has passed. People have come to terms with the fact that there is crypto, with the fact that it is expensive and that there is a future behind it. And now a new wave of hype has started – NFT tokens or just NFT. No one knows what it is, but they know that it's expensive. As a consequence, a huge number of artists, illustrators, designers and even musicians are trying to quickly break into trends and find their niche.


It does not work for everyone. But why is that? Because NFT is just a picture that was converted into a token and put on an exchange, auction or minte? Why someone sells one token for $500,000 and someone else can't even sell it for 5? Paradoxically, the opinion that nft is just a picture is wrong. It's a much more complex structure. And today we're going to try to get to the bottom of that.


So, what is NFT?


NFT are non-interchangeable tokens. How do you understand it? We can draw an analogy with unique works of art. There are masterpieces of sculpture, painting, antique or exclusive things. When they are sold at auctions, they are necessarily accompanied by a document, a certificate, which confirms their authenticity, uniqueness, originality. It is in the uniqueness and uniqueness lies the main part of the value of a particular work.


And here nft is the analogue of a license/certificate, but for digital works of art or goods. This technology allows you to treat digital files however the user wants: they can buy your nft and then resell it, they can collect it or even destroy it.



  • How to create your NFT
  • Where to sell NFT pictures?
  • How to promote yourself?
  • NFT selling guide
  • How much can I earn by selling?
  • The bottom line
  • How to create your NFT

Once we understand what an NFT token is, it's time to talk about creating an NFT in a single instance or maybe even a collection. Creating your own tokens is not a simple process (no, of course there have been cases where people have taken a random photo, processed it, put a couple of filters on it and sold it. It's more of an exception to the rule. You should not rely on luck, you need to create a comprehensive project, taking into account all the features of sales and marketplaces).


The NFT sales process starts with an idea. Yes, like any other project. First of all, you need to think of the object that you want to sell: a picture, animation, video or music.

Then, you have to decide the next question: a collection or a single token?

A token collection is a real collection of media files that will be linked together:

  • Style;
  • Execution;
  • Format;
  • Genre.

Notable collections include: Crypto Punks, Azuki and so on.

If you want to sell single works, you can even digitize your canvases and paintings and then "mint" them in NFT. Yes, the process of converting into a token is called "minting. It takes place on the cryptocurrency platform itself.


The user selects a media file to create a token;

Uploads it to the platform for sale;

Selects the blockchain type that will be the main one: Polygon, ETH and others;

Sets the selling price (or initial value for trading;

Signs the cryptocurrency protocol with his crypto-purse;

Places it on the marketplace.

Yes, you need to get your own cryptocurrency wallet. It's also easy to do. Every digital art selling platform has a number of supported cryptocurrency wallets. You can familiarize yourself with them in advance and choose a universal one. As of now (2022), there are four of the most convenient and popular options:

Metamask (there is a special extension for the browser, which is very convenient. When you sign a protocol to create a token, you won't need to switch between windows. The browser will pop up a confirmation window. And this greatly speeds up the process;

Trust Wallet, Enjin;

When creating a cryptocurrency wallet, write down all its data. It is impossible to remember them. You can create a text document, transfer all the information there, then print it out and put it on the surface or in a drawer of your desktop. We advise you to delete all the data from the PC, not to transfer and not to store in cloud services. Such data is a tidbit for fraudsters. And what is not on the network, they will not be able to steal.


Then, you need to pour money into your cryptocurrency wallet. The amount can be different. On average, placing a token costs between $70 and $150. That's why you need to approach the selection of material for sale responsibly and carefully. You pay for the placement, and therefore – must, at a minimum, repay them, and ideally – multiply.

Commission pricing depends on many factors: demand, number of jobs, time of day.

These are the first steps to get you started in the world of digital art.

Where to sell NFT paintings?

If you have already prepared everything: your works, your crypto-wallet, developed a strategy, then it's time to move on to the next stage – selling nft. To do this, you need to choose a platform for sale. There are many of them, but they differ from each other. Let's look at the most popular and in demand:


The OpenSea platform is one of the most well-known platforms for having NFT paintings to sell. The platform has become popular not only because of the number of users and products, but also because of its accessibility. Simple registration (you do not need an invoice), quick and clear creation of a personal profile. And there is an option of placement without prepayment. But the smart contract will be for Polygon, not ETH. Polygon is a token from ETH and serves to scale Ether. Polygon also helps make transactions faster and cheaper.

In the process of putting NFTs up for sale, the user will be offered to choose which smart contract everything will be done on: ETH/Polygon.


Rarible. The development comes from Russia. To everyone's surprise, it is in demand all over the world. Funds are credited in their own token – RARI. In addition, once you have created and sold a token, subsequent reselling it by others will earn you interest.


Foundation. The most famous of all platforms. It is already on another level, if I can put it that way. It has a unique design and is an auction for the sale of digital works. But it is not so easy to get there. For this you need an Invite (invitation) from the author, which is already there.


Fundacion – a site where only interesting projects that are in demand and have popularity are shown. In advance, it is better to promote your work social networks, blogs, channels, or just be known in your industry.


NBA Top Shot. Yes, the name speaks for itself. The site sells collector's cards from the U.S. basketball league. Except the cards aren't just nft images, but contain videos of games and tournaments.


Super Rare. The concept of the resource is a virtual gallery. Each work is unique and created by artists, which is confirmed by special certificates. Yes, to confirm their authorship, each artist creates a unique certificate.


Despite the fact that the platform is young and not working 100%, it attracts investors and actively develops.


NiftyGateway. A reliable, proven platform. Convenient and clear, both for buying and selling tokens. The site's chip is buying token for fiat currency (from rubles to U.S. dollars, which makes the process easier).


Sorare. Another representative of the sports token segment. An analogue of fantasy soccer, only all the players' cards are tokens. The site has been functioning since 2018 and there have been no complaints about it.


How to sell NFT?

Here we come to the most important aspect of buying and selling tokens – promotion. In the question "how to sell NFT?" this aspect is always forgotten or simply not thought about. Selling NFTs is an auction. For the work to be worth haggling for, it must have something special. In this day and age, that specialty could be:


  • The fame of the collection;
  • The fame of the artist;
  • Uniqueness of the work;
  • The hype generated by anything around what is associated with your token;
  • The uniqueness of the idea;
  • Its background. It's worth elaborating here, because blockchain technology and protocols make it possible to create unique things.

"A group of enthusiasts created their own server in Minecraft and sold game pieces of land there in token format. Each of the pieces of land had properties and features. That piqued the public's interest. But they went further and opened a virtual museum there with the same NFT paintings. And you had to pay to get into that museum.

Original? Original. Unusual? Unusual. It turns out such a small meta-universe (and they have been very active in recent years).


But not everyone has such great resources and ideas. There are a few basic options for online promotion and development that work comprehensively and together.


Twitter. One of the largest NFT communities is there. There's a huge amount of users, topics and interesting content. You can even get into free giveaways. And thanks to hashtags, retweets. Even with 0 subscribers, step by step you can gain an audience. At the same time, even monitor the statistics of impressions/transfers/interactions with your content.


Notoriety and subscribers. If you've been in the arts for a long time, you have followers on Instagram, Facebook or other platforms – great. Alert them to your collection, share your store, keep in touch with your audience, keep them informed about your development and projects.


When promoting your project on social media, talk about:


About yourself and your formation;

About your NFT project;

The idea and meaning of your collection;

Why people should be interested in it;

What is behind your collection? What will the audience get, besides the collection token;

Describe your emotions, experiences, your creative journey and your work on the collection.

It's best to target an English-speaking audience. If you have to, you have to tighten up your English.


Guide to selling NFTs


Let's look at the order of selling token on the easiest and most popular platform – OpenSea. It does not require any invites or investments (if we choose Polygon).


Step 1: Since the cryptocurrency wallet is already created, we connect it to the platform. This is done in profile settings in a couple of minutes. We use MetaMask.


Step 2: Create a collection. You can create a single token and then add it to a collection, or you can create the whole collection. And then add tokens to it.  


Step 3: Adding a token. It is enough to move the object for the NFT creation to the work field, think of a name and a description.


Step 4. After the description, you can add additional links or attachments to the file. For example, when the user buys the token, there will be something unique in the attachment. You can make a note of content that might be "sensitive or capable of striking." If you have one, be sure to put it.


Step 5. Specify the number of copies. Yes, a token can be sold in multiple copies, but the price may drop from that. Uniqueness is also lost.


Step 6. Blockchain type between: Ethereum and Polygon networks.


Step 7. Signing the protocol through a crypto wallet.


Just 7 simple steps and you have become an NFT seller.


How much can I earn from selling?

Earnings from digital art sales can range from zero to millions of dollars. How so? It's a matter of preparing to launch a project. Just creating an NFT and putting it out there isn't enough.  It's a comprehensive job with promoting your work, your project, your personality. It's working on social media, communicating with users, thinking through projects, and more.


Recently, tokens have become very popular and a huge number of cricketers is trying to get there. But practice shows that only a few get there. Those who work, toil and develop their child, who likes it, achieve success. Yes, you can put some free tokens on the site and hope that they will sell "someday" and "for dear". But then don't blame everyone and everything that "NFT is bullshit, nothing works, doesn't sell" and so on.


Even in the creation and design of your profile you can be creative, distinguishing yourself from hundreds, thousands of authors. Think about how to sell an NFT picture, work hard, develop ideas, and luck will surely smile on your face.